Travellers can take a photography tour where they will wander around Santorini’s hidden treasures and magnificent settings along with their personal photographer who will capture their photographs. High-quality images will be the keepsake of your memories as well as of majestic landscapes and views. A different kind of photography tour is that where you take pictures of Santorini yourself under the instructions of a professional photographer. You will gain practical skills on photography and the excitement to have captured your own photos of the incredible island according to your perspective. At the same time you can relish unique views and places of wild beauty the gifted island of Santorini generously offers.
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An Unforgettable Private Photo Shoot Experience in Santorini

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60 minutes - 2 hours  Private
60-120 photos Professional photographer
/per group
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Surprise Wedding Proposal Photography in Santorini

60 minutes  Private
Professional photographer 50 photos High-quality 1-minute video
/per group
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Hire a Professional Photographer in Santorini for a Photo Shoot at the Island’s Best Scenic Spots

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4 hours  Private
Soft Drinks Pickup/drop-off Professional photographer 180 photos
/per group
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Santorini Highlights Insta-Photography Tour with Sunset in Oia

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Avail. from 02 Aug 5 hours  Max 20
Pickup at convenient meeting points English Professional photographer
/per person
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